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There is no situation, age or condition where exercise is not a good thing!

Up to 83% lower risk of osteoarthritis

Up to 50% Lower risk of type 2 diabetes and colon cancer

Up to 35% lower risk of coronary heart disease

Up to 30% lower risk of depression, dementia and falls among older adults

Up to 20% lower risk of breast cancer

Goal Setting

Gain daily totals and challenge yourself to beat them.

Compete with Others

Earn points and work up the leader boards. Local and National!


Exercise is the Best Medicine

Physical Activity is the single most imortant thing you can do to improve your physical and mental health.

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What is TagTap AR?

TagTap AR is a FREE digital App whose ambition is to entice more people outdoors – through the use of technology. 

That technology is known as Augmented Reality – this new technology gives us the opportunity to design digitally led walks. These walks will ultimately encourage more people to spend more time outdoors, walking.


Who is TagTap for?

TagTap is a for everyone.

It is available 24/7 and can be used by families at the weekend, school groups, clubs, senior adults, walking groups or anyone with a hand-held digital device.

The TagTap app is free to use but does require access to mobile data during it’s use.


How is TagTap used?

Firstly, the users, Download the TagTap app and create an account. They can then choose their local area and follow one of the pre-set routes. 

The user can use a mobile phone, or tablet to follow the trails in their local area, using the app as a map to navigate to checkpoints.

Those checkpoints can consist of almost anything; Be it Dinosaurs, Sealife, Footballs, Monuments, historical facts… the themes are endless and there is plenty of room to scope out the specifics.

Recently a kids weekend Halloween themed trail was created and tested…


How does TagTap work?

As mentioned, we use the relatively new technology known as Augmented Reality to create an interactive walking game which encourages people of all ages to become active in the community in which they live. 

We use TagTap AR location pointers which the user follows. The users then walk to collect the pointers – this then awards points. 

Points are automatically collated and tallied up within the app, entering the user into individual and national tables, so they can see where they stand. The more you walk and the more tags you collect, the more points you get.


How is TagTap AR free?

While we have ran the original TagTap JTH in Chesterfield, TagTap AR is still a proof of concept project and for us to know what benefits and engagement the project can generate we need results and data. 

We plan on keeping TagTap free for all, including Schools, Councils and Charities in 2022. 

For us to do this we show Google ads in certain locations within the app to generate revenue to cover operational costs. 


Why, now?

Covid-19 has affected us all.

Children, are all too used to staying indoors. The number of children and young people who were physically active fell during the 2019/20 academic year in England, as the corona-virus (Covid-19) pandemic restricted the type of activities available. 

The figures, published in the Active Lives Children and Young People Survey covering the 2019/20 academic year, showed 44.9% of children and young people (3.2 million) met the Chief Medical Officer guidelines of taking part in sport and physical activity for an average of 60 minutes or more a day. During the lockdown periods these levels fell to 14% (lockdown 3) and continued to fall when restrictions started to be lifted.

Together we need to address this inactivity and TaTap AR can help with this challenge.


Why, not?

We believe we have a solution that could help local communities take the first steps to a more active lifestyle. Particularly in those key areas.

Teachers can take children on historic trails, grandparents can take kids on Gruffalo trails and parents can host nature trails to name a few ideas.

The app is FREE, fun and we can work fast.

The goal is to set more testing locations across the U.K. before Spring.


How TagTap AR Started.

TagTap AR is the evolved name for the game which started life at TagTap JTH (Join The Hunt)

During the time when the UK found its self in a National Lockdown, We like many others struggled to find meaningful activities which stimulated the body and mind. TagTap was born, as a little proect for the founder and his children, They took inspiration from previous community focused activities and decided to create thier own. They created the app which had the abiltity to read NFC tags (near field communication) and proceeded to set data to tags and stick them out around our local community. As people played the local Council decided to ask if we could roll it out over the whole of Chesterfield. TagTap AR (augmented reality) now has the ability to over lay real life with 3d models to create a real immersive and interactive game which is available for FREE to eveyone to play and enjoy. Physical activity is the most improtant thing we can do for a healthy body and mind.

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“TagTap AR is a great idea for an app to combat our sedentary lifestyles. It will empower my patients and in fact everyone who uses it, adults and children, to get outdoors and active, even on those days were motivation is lacking. Exercise is key for our physical and mental health and this app goes some way to making it easier to exercise outdoors and give you a nudge out of the door on a cold and rainy day. And the fact it is Free – even better. Admirable work Peter Hunt. Let’s get exercising using TagTap” 

Dr Jonathan Fenn – Exercise and Wellness Doctor –

“TagTap is a great fun way to not only get fit but also visit amazing parts of your neighbourhood you weren’t aware of. But beware, it’s highly addictive and could take over your life.”

David Smith

TagTap winner


“You truly get out what you put in. Its fantastic for getting the kids out and we discovered areas of Chesterfield we had never been.”

Terri Pearce

TagTap Player

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. 

TagTap AR is a FREE digital App whose ambition is to entice more people outdoors – through the use of technology. 

That technology is known as Augmented Reality – this new technology gives us the opportunity to design digitally led walks. These walks will ultimately encourage more people to spend more time outdoors, walking.